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PCI-X stands for "PCI-eXtended". PCI-X is a computer bus and expansion card standard that enhances the 32-bit PCI Local Bus for higher bandwidth demanded by servers. It is a double-wide version of PCI, running at up to four times the clock speed, but is otherwise similar in electrical implementation and uses the same protocol.[1] PowerPoint Presentation Expansion Slots. CPU – Central Processing Unit interprets and executes instructions. Buses – electrical conduits which carry bytes (based on word size) between components. Main Memory – temporary storage for the program instructions and its static, automatic, and dynamic memory MOTHERBOARD BASICS - idc-online.com

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PPT - Computer Hardware PowerPoint Presentation - ID:17368 Computer Hardware Basic Terms Hardware CPU Peripheral Input Storage device Hard drive Floppy drive Flash drive, Jump drive, etc. – Plugs into a USB port and provides from 64 MB to 32 GB of storage Optical drive – includes CD and DVD drives … PPT - About the Presentations PowerPoint Presentation - ID About the Presentations. The presentations cover the objectives found in the opening of each chapter. All chapter objectives are listed in the beginning of each presentation. You may customize the presentations to fit your class needs. Motherboard

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The Computer Revolution/Hardware/Expansion Cards -… Types of Expansion Cards & Buses.The latter is not a card; it is one type of expansion slot into which the expansion card maybe installed in some computers. “PCI” is short for peripheral component interconnect or interface and, over time, are being replaced by PCI Express slots (http... expansion slot | Encyclopedia.com The number and type of expansion slots is an important characteristic in distinguishing different types of computer. In general, the more expansion slotsCite this article. expansion slot. A Dictionary of Computing © A Dictionary of Computing 2004, originally published by Oxford University Press 2004.