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'Dawn Of Titans' Guide: Get More Titans, Add Relics, Use ... Looking for a Dawn Of Titans guide to getting more Titans, learning about their types, how to add relics, or use fusion? Check out our beginner’s guide to all things Titans, here, plus a full list of all Titans in the game. Titans come in all shapes and sizes and vary in strength on stats like HP ... Relics - Official Dawn of Titans Wiki Relics are items that come in various different forms and rarities. The higher the rarity the better the Relic. They can be obtained during battles or from the Temple. . Every player starts with a Relic inventory space of 200, which can be further increased using GUARANTEED SKILL UNLOCK | Dawn of Titans Update | Castle ... Skills and Relic slots will come as a part of the natural levelling process of Titans. As Titans progress from lvl 1 through to lvl 60, they will unlock skills and relic slots at fixed intervals.

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Dawn of Titans – Tips and Tricks Guide: Cheats and Strategies for Riches and Domination. Smart use of relics is the key to winning in a tough battle, as well. Before you send your titan and your troops into battle, fill all of their available relic slots. Later in the game, you will be able to equip more than one relic on each of your titans. So what does the game play look like - Dawn of Titans By upgrading my Hall of Titans, I extend my level cap to 50. Sometimes I’d fuse 4 star titans into other 4 star titans and not unlock relic slots or level up skills, this felt like a waste of a titan! Now I simply go back into fusion, and fuse AYAKA and a couple of other good Titans into FLAMEHIDE. Sweet! ‘Dawn Of Titans’ Guide: Get More Titans, Add Relics, Use

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We’ve removed the random aspect of levelling up, unlocking Skills and Relic Slots so your path to progress in now guaranteed! Also included in this update is the ability to fuse defending Titans without having to recall them, some balancing changes to increase Raid rewards, Land durability and a fix to the Tyrant’s End campaign mission. Dawn of Titans Advanced Tips - Gaming By The Numbers The game rewards you with extra experience, skill slots, and relic slots for fusing Titans of the same class. Currently this is the only way to get these extra slots. If you lack a 3* or 4* Titan of a specific class, I would recommend holding on to the extra Titans of that class.

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Unofficial Database for Dawn of Titans. Build titans, view detailed troop statuses and relics. The best Dawn of Titans tool out there. Dawn of Titans Relics Master Guide (How To Use, Repair ... Dawn of Titans Ultimate Fusion Guide! (With Tips and Tricks) When you want to use one of these battle relics or war relics, you just go to your Titan screen and choose your desired relics to apply on your Titan. In this example i chose my Skarg titan and applied a 2 star Hawk Helm relic to him. So now we have 2 relics applied to our Titan. GUARANTEED SKILL UNLOCK | Dawn of Titans Update | Castle ...